Killer gas still a mystery

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KARACHI: The air quality monitoring conducted over the past two days by a private laboratory in two affected areas of Keamari has found the air extremely polluted but the levels of pollutants particularly two harmful gases which should not be present in the air at all did not cross the limit where it could endanger life.  

Sources also underlined the need for having a multi-disciplinary team and close coordination among the various investigating agencies to find the source of the toxic gas leak that was initially reported on Sunday night-Feb 16 in the residential areas surrounding the port in Keamari and so far claimed 14 lives and sickened over 300.  Harmful gases such as hydrogen sulphide and nitric oxide shouldn`t be present in healthy air at all

Provincial health department had declared a state of emergency in all its hospitals after the incident and still the provincial government`s agencies and Pakistan Navy were there to guide the people in need.


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