Maiden Import of Euro-V standard Petrol into Pakistan

Category: Announcement

As M.T. “Malmo” the first ever ship carrying Gasoline of Euro-V standard is arriving Karachi today, the 3rd August, 2020, under the agency of Alpine Marine Service (Pvt) limited, Pakistan is going to enter the ranks of countries that are using environment-friendly Euro-V petrol as the Ministry of Energy issued guidelines last month, saying no oil marketing company (OMC) would be allowed to import petrol below Euro-V standard from August 1 this year.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan and Somalia were the only two countries that had been using RON 87 dirty fuel for years. Euro-V petrol will help improve the health of vehicles as well as the environment that has been polluted by the low-quality fuel.

The ministry has already sent these guidelines to the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) for implementation and ensuring import of Euro-V petrol and diesel in line with the deadlines set by the federal government All imports of diesel will also conform to Euro-V specifications with effect from January 2021, say the guidelines. However, in case of a long-term agreement with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, diesel of EuroIV specifications will continue to be imported.

Under the guidelines, the current mechanism for marketing of petrol and diesel with regard to pricing and components will remain in place. Ogra and the Oil Companies Advisory Committee (OCAC) will take further necessary action accordingly.

Ogra will make price calculation in consultation with the oil refineries and PSO, so that any undue advantage to the refineries producing fuel below Euro-V standard is avoided. Cleaner products could be used more in upcountry areas in order to reduce air pollution in the plains.


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