Project to improve Pakistani exports ‘Pakistan goes global’ being launched

Category: Announcement

Commerce Division is due for launching multi-million dollar project titled “Pakistan goes global" aimed at improving the enabling environment for exports and increase firms' export capabilities.   It is learnt that a heavy chunk of funding, probably from World Bank, will be spent on staffing, training, capacity building and related activities/infrastructure to help improve country's export potential, and foster conducive environment.   While main investments are proposed on implementation of National Tariff Policy (NTP), capacity building, IT equipment, consulting services, and both the Commerce Division & National Tariff Commission (NTC) will be responsible for the set-up, under the Board of Investment (BOI).   Setting up monitoring and evaluation centers for export support schemes is also one of the tasks of the project and for implementation on automation of G-2-B interaction-BBRI implementation, the key role will be played by the Board of Investment (BoI).   Another aspect of the project is investing in export promotion infrastructure which includes country branding/marketing campaign, and advertising services, strategy, modernization of Pakistan's trade diplomacy and one stop-shop for exporters.


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